Caraça’s Licensed Guide

Do not risk yourself.

Since the level of difficulty and danger differ on the trails, some hikes in the Particular Reserve of Natural Heritage (PRNH), Sanctuary of Caraça, can only be made with a guide registered in Caraça. This includes hikes to the seven Espinhaço Range peaks in Caraça (Pico da Carapuça, Pico do Sol, Pico do Inficionado, Pico da Verruguinha, Pico da Canjerana, Pico da Trindade and Pico do Conceição) as well as the Cave of Bocaina and the waterfalls in Campo de Fora.

Being conducted by one of our guides is a necessary requirement for our visitors’ safety because the trails are not marked properly which might come to a bad end for unguided hikers. In addition, all guides have comprehensive knowledge about the history of Caraça as well as local plants and animals.

If you are interested, just ask for one of the registered guides in Caraça. It is possible to contact the guides directly (see contact information below) or to speak to us at the reception of the Caraça’s Sanctuary. As our guides are self-employed, thus, not employed by the Caraça’s Sanctuary or the PBCM (brazilian province of the congregation of the mission), we would like to ask you to hire your guide 10 to 15 days or more in advance.

joao julio

João Júlio Filho


– Available during the week and on the weekend
– Guided tours in the Sanctuary of Caraça,
surroundings  as well as peaks
– Experience in guiding foreign tourists

(31) 3832-1889 / 9.9679-8965


Patrick Oliveira


– Available during time off
– Guided tours in the Sanctuary of Caraça
and surroundings
– Fluent in English and intermediate in French

(31) 9.9840-1344


Júnior Rodrigues


– Available during time off
– Guided tours in the Sanctuary of Caraça,
surroundings as well as peaks
– Intermediate in English

(31) 9.9489-3940

Please, consider the following rules for hikes set up by the direction of the PRNH, Sanctuary of Caraça based on the “Management Plan” of the Conservation Unit (IBAMA Ordinance No. 32/94-N).

  • Only guided hikes are permitted (except some walks in the surroundings)
  • Any instructions of the guide have to be strictly followed
  • The maximum are 10 persons per group
  • Round trips always on a single day
  • Every kind of camping activity and barbecue are prohibited
  • No hikes on rainy days

These rules are necessary in order to preserve and protect the beauty and biodiversity of our natural reserve for you and future generations.