Remove your sandals and and take a rest, this ground you step on is holy, my brothers and sisters. Come and pray, and eat, and sing; come all of you and renew your hope in the Lord.

peregrinacao Peregrinação

As a Pilgrimage Center, the Sanctuary of Caraça keeps its spiritual tradition back to Brother Lourenço who founded here a house to conversion and change of life. Being in Caraça is continuing doing what a vast number of people did in the course of centuries: climb the mountains to have an encounter with God!

Such encounter can be explained as an encounter in Christian-Catholic horizon; from the Eucharistic Celebrations, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the spiritual direction and counseling. It also can be explained as an encounter with God the Creator, who show Himself in the beauty of His creation and in the wonderful harmony in the silence of Caraça´s day-by-day.

Furthermore, Caraça can be sought as a privileged space of changing of direction; it is as a place to reflect about life, reevaluate the existence, think about your own concepts and habits, and resize attitudes and existential projects. It is also a place to stretch lost bonds, deep the familial love and enlarge the fraternal and affective bonds.

Tudo isso é Caraça, tudo isso é Peregrinação! Adentrar o Caraça, certamente, pode mudar sua vida! Não deixe de fazer esta experiência!

All of this is Caraça, and it is Pilgrimage!  Coming into Caraça, certainly, can change your life. Be sure of having this experience!


The Beginnings of Caraça