As a center of tourism,Caraça’s Sanctuary receives on average 70,000 visitors per year, of which at least 17,500 are guests at the Inn. This makes it, for its relevance and social implication, one of the most important and most visited conservation’s units of the State of Minas Gerais, in addition of being one of the largest: the Private Reserve of Natural Heritage Caraça responds almost by 51% of the state’s private reserves.

As a center of pilgrimage and culture, tourism in Caraça can not escape these realities. Caraça offers an alternative tourism,in which the formation of values that remain and truly humanize the human being is highlighted at all times.

With trails to various locations as waterfalls,tanks,pools,ancient  buildings,caves and peaks that can be visited only with guides,Caraça’s Sanctuary offers a series of adventures for every visitor and for groups that go up the mountain. Above all, in each of the walks and trails that can be covered, a spectacle of nature unfolds the views of all walkers, impelling  each one to resume his life and harmonize with the wonder of Creation.

In fact,all people magnify themselves with a visit to the Sanctuary of Caraça. Since environmental responsibility, preservation of PRNH, to proximity to each other, to the spirituality and history of Caraça, the human-affective interaction between the visitors and especially among those who are staying at the Sanctuary,all this will gradually form a new human consciousness and social, driving tourists to make the place where they live and work a more tender and emotional space, more cultural and relational, more human and, especially, humanizing.

Be sure to make this adventure! Visit Caraça’s Sanctuary will change your life and your concepts about tourism and recreation.