House Rules

normas visitacao

Caraça’s Sanctuary is a Particular Reserve of Natural Heritage (PRNH) protected by the federal law (superior law of the country). Please, help us to preserve the local biodiversity as well as the historical and cultural heritage by considering the following rules during your stay:

Please, do not:

  • Enter the natural reserve without passing the entrance gate.
  • Enter the Sanctuary with bare torso or in swimming suits. Wear appropriate clothes. Wear closed shoes when entering the forest (No flip-flops or sandals).
  • Bring glass bottles.
  • Bring your pet. It could transmit diseases to the wild animals.
  • Bring any foreign species of plants or animals into the reserve.
  • Enter with any kind of weapon (including machets, guns etc.) or spray cans.
  • Listen to music at high volumes.
  • Hike by yourself: Hikes to the peaks and to some selected locations have to be accompanied by a guide registered in Caraça’s Sanctuary (see “How to book a guide”).
  • Walk beside the touristic trails and do not open or use shortcuts.
  • Throw your garbage into the forest. Garbage cans are provided along the touristic trails. This also includes cigarette butts.
  • Cycle on the trails. Cycling is allowed only on asphaltic road.
  • Hunt, fish or gather any plants or animals.
  • Do any kind of vandalism (against animals, plants, trails and signs etc.)
  • Throw stones, cans, bottles or any other object into rivers, lakes, the forest or towards animals.
  • Make fire, have barbecue or camping or sleeping in the car.
  • Pick up flowers or plants from the gardens
  • Leave the trail and get inside the forest as well as open trails
  • Use hygienic products in the natural waters.
  • Swim in the Big Tank (Tanque Grande) and San Luis Tank.
  • Extreme sport (e.g. paragliding, bungee jumping etc.).
  • Sell products with any commercial purpose without being registered in Caraça.
  • Use drones.

Further Rules

  • Parents are responsible for their children.
  • We provide a free parking lot for our guests. We undertake no liability for possible damages of vehicles or theft.
  • Before walking in the natural reserve to selected locations consult us regarding distance and duration of your planned trip to plan sufficient amount of time.
  • Before swimming in the waters wet your wrists and neck in order to get your body used to the cold water. To avoid your body to cool down do not stay too long in the water.
  • In case of doubts regarding your corporation with the mentioned house rules our employees are allowed to inspect amongst others vehicles and bags.
  • If you want to take professional photos at the Sanctuary a fee of R$ 150.00 has to be paid (weddings, debutantes, etc.) Reservations by e-mail  in advance, please.